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Wafla strongly opposes proposed fee increases for visa petitions

Wafla strongly opposes proposed fee increases for visa petitions


In January 2023, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a proposed rule that would substantially increase the fees for H-2A and H-2B employers to submit form I-129, which is required to request H-2A/B visas from a U.S. consulate abroad, transfer workers to other H-2A/B contracts, and extend workers' contracts. 

Further, DHS proposes to include an additional "Asylum Program Fee" of $600 for I-129 petitions as "an effective way to shift some costs to requests that are generally submitted by petitioners who have more ability to pay, as opposed to shifting those costs to all other fee payers."

USCIS justifies the increased fees due to higher demand, increased processing times, and a need for more USCIS employees.

The proposed rule can be viewed here.

Wafla stands with our members and strongly disagrees with this major fee structure increase across all of these visa classes. While we understand that fees need to be reasonably increased from time to time, this massive increase in fees is unconscionable, unprecedented, and unjustified. 

Today wafla submitted comments to USCIS citing our concerns with the proposal. It will likely take months before DHS finalizes the regulations. We will keep you informed as this issue develops.

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